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Bedroom at Shalom

Respite Stay

day care

Patients can come to Shalom House at any time from their diagnosis. Our care is organised on an individual basis depending on need. We provide Day Care during weekdays and once a month a 4-night respite stay.




What we offer our patients:

  • Symptom advice and support following assessment by Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Emotional support
  • Chance to meet others and share experience
  • Occupational Therapy:
    • Fatigue/anxiety management
    • Advice on coping with breathlessness/sleep problems
    • Tai Chi and relaxation techniques
  • Full range of Complementary Therapies
  • Hydrotherapy bath - assisted
  • Advice on living well and maintain quality of life which includes eating well, pacing, general advice and support

You will have your own room with en suite toilet and washbasin. Two rooms have walk in wet room shower facilities and these are allocated according to need. Each bedroom has multi-positional bed, wardrobe, locker with drug drawer, TV and radio.

Our visiting times are open and friends and family are welcome to visit. Once settled in, the nurses will discuss needs and care requirements. Please bring all current medication with you and we will accommodate your routine accordingly.

Arriving and Departing: It can be daunting and it's common to feel apprehensive before coming to stay if you haven't visited us before. We try to alleviate this by offering visits to Shalom House. Please ring to arrange this.

Once you have decided you would like to come and stay, please confirm your arrival date and time with the Shalom Team.





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